Should You Worry About Tire Condition?

Tires don't last forever, although some can be good for more than 65,000 miles. No matter what the manufacturer's warranties suggest, you must check the tires regularly. Worn tires are dangerous.

Beware of anything that indicates trouble. Do you find yourself using an air pump to fill up the tire every morning? The tire should be repaired or replaced because it won't get better by itself. Worn treads and a failed tread penny test also represent aged tires.

Bumps and blisters are not healthy. Tires showing these imperfections aren't in good shape. Anything out of the ordinary should be a red flag. Remember, a tire that blows out while driving could cause an accident. Dry rot and cracks on the sides might seem "okay" because the tires haven't already blown out. Eventually, it will. Dry rotted and cracked tires can't last.

Let a pro check and replace your tires. Our service department at Jaguar of Tacoma could be perfect for the job.



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