Jaguar is known for making stylish, elegant and sporty vehicles. The Jaguar XE is a luxurious sports sedan that makes for a perfect daily driver. It perfectly combines luxurious features with a sporty attitude. You always feel like the XE is ready to pounce as soon as you tell it to.

The XE derives its performance from its lightweight aluminum chassis and sporty suspension. The aluminum chassis allows the XE to be nimbler than its competition when driving around Fife. You feel like the XE weighs nothing when you are behind the wheel. The steering is effortless direct and responsive which is exactly what you want in a luxurious sports sedan. The suspension is a double-wishbone setup that allows the XE to stay flat around corners, but also give you a comfortable ride around town.

Getting behind the wheel is the best way to feel the thrill that the XE provides. At Jaguar of Tacoma, we can get you set up for a test drive and answer any questions you have about the features you can find on the XE.


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