You notice a puddle of fluid on the driveway. It appears to be coming from the front of your car. Your anxiety shifts into high gear.

Leaks are scary. At Jaguar of Tacoma we want you to understand the nature of the leak, since well-informed customers get the most from their cars. If the leak is water, it is probably from your air conditioner. On a hot day in Fife, the air conditioner drains moisture onto the ground harmlessly. If the leak is oil or grease, it may be coming from your engine, transmission, gear box or power steering. Grease sometimes leaks from seals or bearings. If the fluid is watery but bright in color, it is probably coolant from your car's cooling system.

If your car is leaking, please bring it to Jaguar of Tacoma as soon as you can. Once your systems start leaking, it is only a matter of time until they fail. In the long run, fixing a leak is much safer and less expensive than a breakdown.


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