Some folks think you can skip certain automotive services. At Jaguar of Tacoma in Fife, WA, we're here to tell you that your vehicle's alignment is not one of those services. Alignment service is crucial. Let's learn why.

When your car is out of alignment, multiple things might be wrong. One is caster angle. Your rear wheels should roll perfectly behind your front wheels. When they don't, your caster angle is off-center. Secondly, you might have a camber issue. One or more wheels might be pointing inward or outward. Also, you could have a toe problem. When a tire toes left or right, it cannot roll straight. Constantly fighting camber or toe issues will cause tires and other components to wear early.

Our alignment machine catches all of these problems. We can also install components to adjust them. Periodic alignment service at our dealership helps your vehicle travel straighter and safer.

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